Cinavision World is Making Life Easier

with a World of online channels,
games, apps, online shopping and other world wide web information, available right there on your Smart devices (TV, dongle, tablet or phone) PC and Mac via your browser.

Cinavision has been created to bring the best the world can offer right to your fingertips. Whether it is while you’re relaxing at home, or on the go.


Our Global Vision

To infinity and beyond!






To be recognized globally as the first choice for online channel content through the Cinavision platform. From the viewers perspective to be the first channel provider to turn on for their viewing. 


From the content providers that they contact Cinavision to put their content on because they know it is where they will get best exposure / reach. From the advertiser that strives for value in the reach, CPM, that for best media spend for their return, Cinavision is the solution.








Our philosophy is simple. 

All people should be treated with the same respect. Whether you are rich or poor, a customer or supplier, a partner or competitor everyone deserves to be treated the same. This is why at the heart of our philosophy we aim to ensure that everyone have the right to access the most up to date technology with the expressed thought of making life easier. 

To show loyalty and care is the reason why our company has grown from strength to strength in the Australian market with our partners.






The team at Cinavision follow the company philosophy as if it were their own. 


The varied experiences within the team, from Marketing to ICT to Content Production, ensures an exciting melting pot of creative ideas that we can bring to the Cinavision customer. 


Always pushing the boundaries of popular thought, we strived to provide new and exciting ideas, always with our customer at mind.







Cinavision's objective is to become one of Australia's leading media content solution providers through the Cinavision World platform. Unlike other media content providers, Cinavision believes it has a unique offering in the market through its ability to provide content in the way of online channels, games, online shopping, access to the world wide web, Facebook and YouTube etc, through the value for money Smart technology devices available, such as TV's, Tablets and Dongles that has made SONIQ the household name it is today.

Compatibility is Key

Available on selected Smart TV's, PC / Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones