Video Ads



Video Resolution

1920 X 1080

1280 X 720


Video Length

Minimum 10 seconds

Maximum 2 min 30 sec.


File Type



Max File Size

25 Megabytes


Video Frame Rate

30 frames


Audio Channels

2 (stereo)


Audio Bitrate

Minimum 128kbps

Maximum 300kbps

Promote your product through the Cinavision ONline Channels.

We can work within your strategy to help recommend the appropriate content for you to advertise on.

Guaranteed views of your message to reach your target audience!

Your video advertisement will be broadcasted at the beginning or during a video and will not be skippable. A minimum of 10 seconds.

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about advertising your video ad on Cinavision, feel free to contact us below: